Between night and day

Design by Shaloyou

Between night and day by Shaloyou on Threadless
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This is my first design! I often think about making a design for Threadless, but never take the time. This LastNight theme made me remember some good nights outside. Especially when you come back home after an all night long awakened, when you're in-between day and night. The air is fresh and quiet, just before the day rises and the city gets up. On the way you take bread, or something to eat in a bakery, as your head is still thinking of this colorful night. So he's going home to take rest with his vinyl disk and his bread. I don't know what your bread is looking in united states. So It's a french bread! By the way, if this text is weard....sorry, I have to keep progress in english. I hope you will enjoy this design!

Shaloyou profile pic Artist

thank you^^


he's holding a baguette...that's a 5 and buy if i ever saw one!


This is $5ing cool!


They have so many nice print in the Mby contest I hope He will have more than one design winner

Shaloyou profile pic Artist

Thank you, and I agree with you happychaos....

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Really love the face but the bread is maybe a bit too much for my taste ;p

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Alumni


Stefano 6884

i'm a bit late but i just wanted to say that the graphic is great and i know exactly what you mean...that 5:30 am air is delicious...

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