Best Friends Forever! - John & Barack

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Best Friends Forever! - John & Barack by Numinous on Threadless
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Numinous profile pic Artist

Best Friends Forever!!!!

It's hard to decide between friends, especially friends that are BFFs. John and Barack can be found (when not working on the campaign trail) taking picnics and country-side bike rides. John enjoys the fresh air and Barack frequently comments on "the good times!" While their loafers provide comfort, along with an embroidered cardigan and polo, their laughter provides the rest. Mirth, mingled with carefree platonic friendship, is a recipe few can resist.

Go here to see a set of higher resolution detailed images.

Design: Simulated process on a White T-Shirt.


HA! This is rediculous! The skill and humour alone that were involved in this deserve a 5.


that's so perfect


Why's the black man got to sit in back?

Mountain Gnome

Nicely drawn but a little to topical to be a long lasting design. Well made though!

Numinous profile pic Artist

Thanks, go here for higher res images.


hahahah great. I Agree, a bit topical to be a long lasting design, but def. a $5.

Numinous profile pic Artist

Bean12 and ProfessorE, seat position is not a value statement. It's just two good Americans taking a leisurely ride on their two-seater.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

exceptional rendering - 5


bah i'd wear that every day.

Numinous profile pic Artist

They take turns, after all, they are Best Friends Forever. They don't let petty things come between their fun filled outdoor activities.

Numinous profile pic Artist

Obama, who's that? This is a picture of two good friends named John and Barack.

monkeypim profile pic Alumni

aha! you use the same wacom as I do...
this concept is really on a hot spot


probably the best so far for this contest - mainly cause there is no pencil or person drawing your drawing its actually just a nice piece of art

well done


Numinous profile pic Artist

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I mean, it is indeed a superb rendering of the two candidates, but other than them being together on a bike, I don't really see a big concept here to really make me wanna have McCain on my chest. Barak's head seems a tad off from his neck and body. It's also too topical for a threadless tee, but like i said, exeptional drawing skills, just not for me. Sorry, just being honest!

Man Oil

sweet concept and illustration. don't listen to Frickenawesome, he's a no-talent big mouth and self-ordained Threadless policeman.


Man Oil aka has been a member since August 15, 2008, has scored 191 submissions, giving an average score of 0.45

Don't listen to Man Oil. She is just a douche for no apparent reason and hasn't been around here long enough to know what the fuck about what the fuck.

Also, everything Evan said is true, except he forgot to point out the blatant racism.

Numinous profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments. ProfessorE, I agree with your comment about Man Oil, but disagree with your name calling - calling me a racist. How do you know I'm not an African American? Please be nicer next time.


Don't worry. I call everything racist. I think you are swell.

Besides, I know you are white because you listen to Neil Diamond.

Numinous profile pic Artist

Ah yes, the sweet sounds of Neil. After listening to some "Sweet Caroline" even I wouldn't mind a nice bike ride through the park.

Numinous profile pic Artist

Go HERE to see a close up.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

hahaha this is really well done.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Very nice computer painting, for sure. Just not quite t-shirt design material yet. 4

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

i'd love this as a poster print. 5

Montro profile pic Alumni

Looks super well done but for a very limited audience.

Numinous profile pic Artist

lol velocipedicist. Bike wrecks sure do hurt. Barack usually brings some ointment for those occasional bruises. John brings the Bengay.

Thanks coenje for the Irish perspective: BFF is not just for Americans - all can partake of the "good times" :)

Numinous profile pic Artist

Well you know, Barack and John take turns - that's what best friends do. Those two-seaters can be some work, and Barack is mindful of John's heart condition :)

andyg profile pic Alumni



nice but you made McCains arms too long.

yeohgh profile pic Alumni



Well drawn, but I would NEVER want that as a shirt.


Beautiful illustration!! Unity...something we will only have on a t-shirt

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

those are some ridiculous illustration skills you have. very funny design. i love their expressions. this must be the greatest bike ride they've ever had.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

holy shit, that's bad azz!

Numinous profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone. I don't think anyone will forget John and Barack after November - their infectious smiles will color all my dreams.

Ava Adore

wow, great illus


Haha. No thanks politics.


Barack's letting him ride in front because he's so much older. It's just courtesy. 4 :)


Excellente illustration.


haha, funny!


Man, if i was mccain's best friend, I would not be letting him ride a bike. Too much exertion for his age.


this is prettty awesome.....!!!!!


Please, Please Print this. I'll wear this forever-- as long as their friendship lasts, that is. $$$$$5

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

It's well done and all but it seems like a waste of your talent considering that even if they selected this to be printed, it wouldn't even be printed until after the election most likely.
I can't really imagine anyone wearing this after the election. Then again, I can't really imagine anyone ever wearing anything with McCain on it to begin with.


I like you. 5.

ilovedoodle profile pic Alumni
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This is hilarious! great work

Numinous profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the comments. How can anyone forget John and Barack? Just look at them; such happiness, such platonic joy!


Ahh, if only it were true.


gah political shirts
amusing but i'm so tired of the race


Everyone knows what I will say so I am not. Everyone also knows what score I am going to give.

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

I don't think this will be a dead image after the election - I would still wear it years form now. I mean, if I had a Bush Sr-&-Clinton-riding-a-tandem-bike shirt I'd totally wear that today.

Numinous profile pic Artist

ya whirzle1, I have an old political shirt from 88' and always get compliments on it. You can SEE from the joy on their faces that these good friends will certainly last forever.

Man Oil


if Threadless has a drop of greed in their blood they would realize this would sell-out like hot cakes.

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