Bent Not Broken

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Bent Not Broken by Mickillinit on Threadless
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I've known Michaela for 8 years...she has always been an angel. I can't wait to help fund her project. No more pain for this girl.

Mickillinit profile pic Artist

Thank you Tony!!



Mickillinit profile pic Artist

Thank you so much!!


This image is amazing, I love it! The design will make it and you'll get the help you need for your body! Much love!!!


Amazing! Voted and Goodluck!


I've tried to fill out the fund it form 5 times and it says "We're sorry your order could not be completed, please check your form information and try again.". Super frustrating. Trying to fund it! I know the info is correct, it's pretty basic.


Awesome. I'd love to get rid of mine.


Beautiful concept & image. Wishing you so much support in your healing! xo

Mickillinit profile pic Artist

Thank you everyone SO MUCH for all the love and support!!!!! keep the votes coming. Funding link will be fixed ASAP! xoxox


I think maybe I funded it.... After a few error messages, it said I was successful (which, quite frankly, gives me pause, as I am not impressively experienced with success....) anyways, I think your design slays the competition; add to that the cause (opposed to being kitschy or vaguely ironic) - I'd start counting chickens if I were you!

Mickillinit profile pic Artist

Haha! Thank you so much!! @retepsatek.... can you tag people in comments on this thing? idfk. thanks. whoever you are.... heh. :D


I have the same problem with my spine, it got fixed a few years ago now - it's not a fun problem for sure. Best of luck with the design and the spine! I have funded :-)

Mickillinit profile pic Artist

Thank you so much!!


You will soar in flying colors!


Love it! Would vote five stars but the threadless app doesn't allow voting since last update. What's the go there threadless!?!

diegomachucabr profile pic Alumni

that's crazy! awesome!


I voted... But they don't take paypal so I can't fund you :( I am so sorry. I tried!!


Absolutely incredible design that represents so much resilience and heart. I'm all in!


I love your spirit! So beautiful!


hello there, this is amazing. i also have scoliosis but it isn't as bad as yours. i understand your pain though. I hope your design gets fully funded!



Rang you up at whole foods today! Found your awesome design and voted! good luck

Mickillinit profile pic Artist

Oh my god that's so freaking cool!! I will be coming back and looking for you to thank you :D wish i had a way to tag you so you'll see this... YOU ROCK!!!


good luck with your spine and everything but this isn't good, sorry. Especially the placement on the tee.


I love this design and I am wishing you brilliant health.


Fellow Scoliosis sufferer here. I'd buy this. I'd buy all of this.

Mr-Wayne profile pic Alumni

Great idea! I have a Scoliosis too but not too bad as yours, even if it causes many troubles every day! I understand your pain dude! Good luck


Just amazing. I hope you win this. It is a spectacular design with a deep and beautiful meaning. Best of success to you!

Mickillinit profile pic Artist

Thompson98 you and a couple other people against an otherwise hugely positive response from my social networks and even several people from the Threadless community. Whatever. I guess some people prefer cheesy irony over realness.

To everyone else THANK YOU!!! ????????


My spine is just exactly like that wtf.


Threadless please give mickillinit more time. It's only fair. The site wasn't working on the holiday weekend so she has a disadvantage. She has a great chance of winning. She's my girl so I know how much pain she's in . This can help her with physical therapy and other ways to heal. Plus her designs is dope anyways!!! Thanks for listening. ???? pretty please?


<3~~}_/l_{~~<3 Awesome! I wish we're in the country and able to help fund it at the moment. Looks like you'll make it this time. Thank you for being such an inspired and inspiring light in the world!

Note to threadless. It took me about 20 tries to sign up. Can't really see the captcha letters on my I-pad mini. I wonder how many people stop trying after 5 or 10 tries. Something to consider.

Mickillinit profile pic Artist

Thank you noknow! Whoever you are!! (Nome!?) This really isn't designed well in terms of interacting with supporters. You probably won't even get this response. Hopefully Threadless gets the feedback!!


Funded from On, Canada by another human with scoliosis (my curve is lower, between my bottom ribs and my hips). The design is great, personal, I do love it and the well interpreted weirdness of a wonky spine.

Good luck!


Awesome design.. as a medical professional who captures these images I can say.. what a beautiful combination of this diagnosis and your resilience!

Mickillinit profile pic Artist

@caiestodo07 yeah. good job sherlock. it's public domain. i'm not claiming to be a fancy designer.

everyone else thank you!!! <3


there are pictures without the logo, but its still copyright. It is understandable to get confused with that. Always check before you use it.

Mickillinit profile pic Artist

wow thompson98 you're really after me eh? i checked public domain/creative commons. whoever made it should be stopping the full-size image from being licensed for reuse & distribution on the internet if they care.

Mickillinit profile pic Artist

...and mickey mouse is totally not copyright at all...

Mickillinit profile pic Artist


caiestodo07: STATS 246 designs scored Avg Score Given: 2.94 Member since 2012 ZERO DESIGNS


So deeply inspired by this- by the courageous act of forging pain in the fire and transforming it into art- into an expression that it wearable- into something that moves us, and allows others to see themselves in it- to say- "me too". "I know that pain and I refuse it to break me- to keep me down." "I am not alone in this think that feels so utterly isolating, and mine, and misunderstood".

Thank you- from all of us who have lost days and weeks and months to pain- to immobility- for reminding us that our spirits have wings- and the single greatest thing we can do with our pain is to give it a voice- to release the shame and shackles from it that is so isolating and false. We are not alone. May it birth our greatest masterpieces within us right from our crooked core. Deep bows to you sister. Thank you- thank you. Thank you.


i love how your bagging all of us and even going through my designs. If you were here for more than 5 minutes, you would know that there was a mickey mouse challenge working with disney, so it wasnt copyright for that challenge. That is when I submitted it. Please do research first. And don't act like a child when you receive criticism. Your opinion isn't the only one...

Mickillinit profile pic Artist

what is the point of criticizing other people's efforts? if you don't like it, don't vote. easy. you're the only one on here writing one. I am not here for art critique. I'm not critiquing anyone elses art. I'm actually supporting my competitors. I'm here to try to inspire and help myself and a lot of other deserving people... quite a few of those people have commented above, including people not in my network. win or lose i'm doing something positive.

Mickillinit profile pic Artist

for having a broken profile with no way to fund for the first three days i'd say i'm doing pretty damn well too.


voted and funded. holy love!


Looks like my spine too, but mine now is full of titanium :P I had surgery 15 years ago. Good luck with this one, you have my 5 score :)

Mickillinit profile pic Artist

Thank you all so much!!


VOTED 5! Sending much love, M! -Jonah Kai


I gotta back just like that. And I am in the Bay Area. I am for you all the way!!


I hope it worked! Good luck sweetie!


Will it ever be printed? I thought it was an amazing image and it explains what many people including myself go through each day...


OMG WHERE CAN I BUY THIS!? I too have scoliosis and I know how awful some days can be. I hope you win

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