Benjamin Traded in His Kite

Design by SRT10

Benjamin Traded in His Kite by SRT10 on Threadless
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bortwein profile pic Alumni

This is cute, but the layout seems a bit odd. Maybe if Ben was standing on the Kite and the string was more in circles on the ground than how straight it is now.

I like your clouds and plane.


I vote for the yellow shirt's design.

The light blue shirt's colors don't have the same impact
as the yellow shirt or the red ink on the dark blue.

The dark blue shirt's design draws my eye first to
the red kite and then to Ben's red jacket , & then it
barely made it to the plane in the sky.

The yellow shirt makes it real easy for me to see
all the elements of the design. So the little plane
really stands out on the yellow shirt.


to SRT10:

Someone left a great idea on your " You Stole My Girl "
design. Gothnoo said, " you should fix it up and submit
it to semipermanent loves threadless ".


Perfect size, keep the kite, yellow and dark blue look best.

I love this! Please, please print it, Threadless!


Nice concept, though I always think of the 1776 Franklin with his tiny glasses...

Cloud detail is good too.

Lots of sky designs lately, it seems... but this is an amusing one.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I'd buy it on yellow.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

er...denim I mean.




hahahaha! i'd buy it! the blue is beautiful! the idea is great. nice job! $5!

pseudonymjones profile pic Alumni

I love the design so far (even more so with the new kite placement) but I am thinking there needs to be a key on a string tied to the back of the plane.

See, he'd be doing the electrical experiments he is renowned for with a device that already runs on electricity!

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