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Belt printed circuit board

Design by stalliongsta

Belt printed circuit board by stalliongsta on Threadless
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stalliongsta profile pic Artist
dangit, my description didn't show up. anyway, i was thinking this might be cool with shimmer. foil would probably be too shiny.
This is a great design, been looking for years for a decent one like this, ACE
stalliongsta profile pic Artist
yeah, i was surprised this hadn't already been done. (at least, i looked around and couldn't find any other belt print circuit designs.)
olie! profile pic Alumni
silver foil please? if so AWESOME
Green or blue on black!
stalliongsta profile pic Artist
glow in the dark would be cool if they could print it on dark shirts such that it looked good in the light as well as when it glowed. (i've had glow-in-the-dark tees printed elsewhere and the ink didn't look as good as plain white ink, plus it didn't even glow that much.) still, foil would probably be cooler than glow, at least for this design.
Whatever glow in the dark they used for the Monster Mash shirt glows like a motherfucker, it's AWESOME, so I think this would definitely work out with it.
stalliongsta profile pic Artist
man, those computer gear shirts are overpriced! thanks for pointing them out, though, thogek. i went googling for similar designs but didn't find that one.
stalliongsta profile pic Artist
pawky: i could be wrong, but i suspect you need to have a repeating pattern in order to do a belt print (which, yes, is printed on the back, too).
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