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jasmintee profile pic Artist

Just wanted to make a striped shirt! So I thought of blinds, with a little film noir aesthetic. The thought bubble is optional - I just had the urge to put it in for some reason - it says "I've got my eye on you..."

Big print with gradients on the sides, to avoid the boxyness.

briancook profile pic Alumni

I'm not quite feeling those gradients. I agree with you wanting to ax the boxyness. I can't think of a much better way, but I feel like the gradient is conflicting with the sharp linework of the illustration, which is beautiful by the way.


lose the bubble, id love it on yellow! nice design!

olie! profile pic Alumni

why are people complaining about the thought bubble? It looks like it's not on the actual shirt, at least on the one to the right. This is awesome, by the way.


YES! good concept.

aled profile pic Alumni

Cool! IMO, lose the fade - just have it stop dead. Boxy can look good if the design is largely geometric like this one. Also - I pick no bubble/text! $

Richard_Lee profile pic Alumni

that's really fantastic


yea yea, dig it w/o the bubble

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

looks great in yellow!


This is great $5

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

simple but cool $5

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i think this is the most ingenious striped shirt design i've seen ever. along with most others, my only qualm is the gradients at the sides though i would assume that was just your way of fitting it on the shirt.


I don't think the bubble is actually on the shirt. I really like it.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

Fantastic on lemon or probably gold for a more retro feel! $5!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

No thought bubble and it's purrrfect! I was thinking of making a collab where a guy was looking through one of those old school 1920's clubs slide doors for their eyes only and asking for a password, but that's kinda the same idea you have here but yours is much much more awesome! Great work....4$

jasmintee profile pic Artist

Alright guys, no bubble then :). Thanks for all the feedback! I agree that a wrap around design would be awesome, but I don't think it's possible.. unless a belt print on both sides but it would probably be too complicated to match the stripes.

Montro profile pic Alumni

Nicely drawn! Loving the concept.

ndstillie profile pic Alumni

really good!

vbarnhart profile pic Alumni

great t-shirt bubble.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Very effective! I love.




Wicked!! $5... No bubble, I agree.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

I also saw a similar shirt in a store.
I know cause I have a shirtdesign based on that one.

I dunno if I will complete it now.
I also have blinds (different) and a girl (photograph).
What to do ... :(


I agree with whoever said the lines should not fade out. But that's my only concern. Great work!

jasmintee profile pic Artist

Hey Monkey I'm not surprised other people have come up with the same concept while playing with the idea of a striped tee... you should just submit yours and explain that we were working on them at the same time. I know how you feel though.. I've had a couple of shirt ideas already sketched out when someone has submitted a really similar concept here, so I've just ended up not finishing them...

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

Same here jasmintee^^
It happens alot in a place like this.
I usually leave it that way too.
All the best!


i want it
and if they don t i ll print it myself!!!!

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

aaalman on Mar 06 '08
i want it
and if they don t i ll print it myself!!!!

BEWARE jasmin! Don't post hires version :-P

jasmintee profile pic Artist

For the people who don't like the gradients, here's a version without them - check it out

creative fisheries

You should do the blinds using the belt printing technique. This way it can go all around the shirt. Well, it's just an idea

iThew profile pic Alumni

I love this idea and the design! great work!

definetly like it without the gradients



WhitneyBeth profile pic Alumni

oooh. stripes going all the way around would be awesome. but i would honestly buy it how it is. $5.

jasmintee profile pic Artist

Yeah, Andy Mason, I mentioned earlier that a wrap around belt print would be cool but probably not possible, as matching the stripes from front to back might be kind of complicated... I dunno


very creative! i'd sure as hell wear it!

  • No fade on the stripes
  • No thought bubble

    (with those changes...) I want to be wearing this right now. this is such a GREAT idea!!


i like this. i think if you got rid of the gradient... it would look nice. if youre worried about 'boxyness' i would say to do something like a connected zig zag type of thing... all in all beautiful work. $5


this is acutally really really really cool


Neon Samurai

I like the thought bubble. It'd be nice if you could get the lines all the way round the shirt but I'm not sure how possible that is print wise.

jasmintee profile pic Artist

yayyy, my best score so far! Thanks everyone!

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