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TerryMakesStuff profile pic Alumni

Really not much clearer on your site, but I like the idea.

Would really like a better look at how it was done though.


lose the background, or change it... but other then that you got a killer design/idea!
Rock on!


Just make the whole shirt that blue color. Otherwise it is awesome!


AWESOME!!!!!! THIS IF F%@#$!&ING COOL!!!!!
PRINT THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's a pity the "larger" pic in your site is also so small.
And the background is nice!

Just a question: is that an hippo making most of Brazilian coast? I can't see it clearly...


You could totally take out the background shape and it'd look fine. just put it on a blue shirt so it looks like an ocean.

hellofromthemoon profile pic Alumni

how about no background shape on a blue t-shirt?


okay. I want this. Print it!!!


Yeah lose the background shape and just have it plain on the shirt... maybe different colours for the continents? Otherwise, kickarse.


need to work on that background... but the actual animals are great... 5


Oh! Now I can fully appreciate this. It's really a masterpiece!
I still like the background, but I guess I'm outnumbered here... =P


Better background, better define the individual animals with clear outlines, and I think you're SET.


great job. looks like it took A LOT of work. I agree with getting rid of the box, otherwise its awesome


animals!! this is awesome.. but i'm not sure about the water. still its a $5

EZFL profile pic Alumni

definitely re-work a few things and resubmit.

remove the blue background, and place the illustration on a blue shirt. maybe use a few different colors for the line work... greens and a brown.


love the design but the shirt color should be different.


Fantastic concept and artwork! Horrible colors.


fantastic! just print this already!

Jebs profile pic Alumni

The drawing is AMAZING, really...but the background, and the color you choose for the tee shirt, are both i agree with others, resubmit it with a zomm fonction, and first of all, reworking the colors, and leaving this background that would be horrible on a should do that, because the drawing deserve a lot better than thaT . (i guess it could even be printed with all thoses modifictaions)


I like this very much. Not fond of the shype of the (blue) background, though, is it supposed to be the earth rolled out...?


MAN THIS IS GREAT! I love it! Just PLEASE get rid of the water, it look terrible and give us more colour options (maybe the whole shirt could be blue and only the design on white?). 5 $ because i trust that if (or WHEN :D) this gets printed all those things that i (and others) have said will be done :)

Oh lord, let this design win 'cos i've never wanted any t-shirt more than this!


LOVE the animals!
Very cool shirt. Artistic and educational!

But, I'd buy it without the shape behind it.
Without the shape you could put the basic print on any color T-shirt.
Now THAT would be a big seller.

crafty minx

it will be perfect without the background. also agree with blue shirt idea.
love the detail- can't wait to see it close up!

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Awesome continents, but as mentioned before, the water definitely detracts. Would look sweet on a blue shirt.


Eliminate the background, and I would buy this so fast.


my favovorite thirt that ive seen on threadless by far, the backgrond is fine. i think you need it so the animals/land dont blend into the background. a definate $5. thank you for this wondrful design =] and your drawings on your website are amazing espcially 'reach' and 'jaguar'


I still love this and want to see it printed. There is NOTHING wrong with the water! That's how it would look if a globe was unfolded. I want I want!!!


There is no way to "unfold" a globe. It is impossible to make a sphere with a flat surface.

Sorry, just felt like being a jerk. Time to be nice now.

This shirt is really awesome. I would buy it without the background


Still wanting it.


About damn time, Threadless! Thank you so much!

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