Bear Constellation

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Bear Constellation by label on Threadless
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whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

I really like the composition of the forms. Great textures, too.


I love this shirt.

Label, you're my hero.

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

another great design.. awesome job.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

i like the style very much...enjoy the bear elements...and has some vague interuprative symbolism...that can be taken in different ways.
great design


Ooooh, nice.


great job, this is amazing. i love the colors, and texture created by the color


Lovely idea, but it seems a bit too condensed for me... there's a lot crammed into one spot here. If you made the mountains a little longer, I think that would help; right now they're competing with the blue from the lamplight for my attention, and it's really too busy for me to look at it comfortably.


thank you, why doesnt anyone believe me when i say the big/little dipper is a bear. ursa major and ursa minor!

thats what my pokemon skills get me...


ahh yes, to one side would look cool, kinda lower too, but not in a corner

Perudoesitbetterthanu profile pic Alumni

Label you are the shizz!! and i mean...youre just so awesome. I know want i wanna be when i grow up...hahaha..but seriously..sweet design.


Usually, I don't like fancy-smancy pictures like this, but... I just love something about this one. I hope it gets printed!

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