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There is a reason that the print is square. In all the surf shops, it seems that every print is just that messy looking random junk.

I wanted to create a print that is an actual picture.


The chaise lounge chair and the van seem to be
near each other across the black driveway, but
either the van shrunk or the lounge chair is huge
or both.

I prefer both objects removed from the image
and the skeletons doing beach activities
(carrying surfboards, volleyball, haunted
sand castles, etc...) to show the cemetary is
at the beach.


I'm not sold on things being out of proportion
actually being a strength in your design.

I do like the idea of your design being a surf shop shirt
that isn't really a surf shop shirt. Your Beach Grave
concept is rich with opportunities for multiple, great
designs. I hope this won't be your only go at it.


whoah cool are those skeletons? neato


I know this comment is late, but that's what
happens when I have to move to a new place.

to atomic :

I checked out the two images you created and
here's my thoughts : Both will cause knee jerk
negative reactions since the "bombing a city"
design will strike a 9/11 nerve and the "blimp
dropping supplies" might strike a "help to New
Orleans was slow" nerve. I love your style though.
The black/white color choice, realistic images, and
out of the ordinary events/depictions you incorporate
definitely make me want to see more.

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