Be nicer to your brain

Design by Chris Rowson

Be nicer to your brain by Chris Rowson on Threadless
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Chris Rowson
Chris Rowson profile pic Artist

TV makes my brain cry sometimes....
4 colours on royal blue, no special inks.


Must be a sad movie.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

He's watching that special on brain surgeons who get brain damage and lose the part of their brain that makes them want to study the brain.

Skap 1er

some psilocybin will turn that frown upside least until the 8th hour


your brain looks like E.T.


Interesting piece, but I don't think it's quite suited for a shirt. Good luck!


I think I would have liked it etter if it were just the brain inside the circle..instead of the whole head again with the brain??? JMO

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