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grayehound profile pic Alumni

Freakin egg, Rock, that's an awesome bit of linework. This could work on any shirt color with practically any ink. Seriously ranks up there with KID_Z's THREADLESS.

staffell profile pic Alumni

Oh rocky you doozy. fantastic

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Awesome man. This is a very good execution of the design cliche against design cliche idea. You drew them all in your own distinctive and cool style. Well done man!

ronlewis profile pic Alumni

sweet, you know you can't win your own comp. 5$

staffell profile pic Alumni

Rocky; this ain't a criticism as such, but i think you should have made it explicit on the actual design that you could fold the tee in order to create the squid.....I'm sure it won't suffere because of this though.......


ever thought about submitting something crap to mix it up a little?


that would be funny if you won your own comp. really great

Rockslide profile pic Artist



Sorry, I actually wanted it to be a little subtle, like a hidden secret, but I understand that it will actually help people score it if they know, so I'll hype it here, hence the all caps flame!

When you fold the shirt/design in it forms the cliche king, a giant squid wearing a crown!!!

Rockslide profile pic Artist

Genius! The secret fold to find the squid...which is a definate cliche! Love it!!!

Rockslide profile pic Artist

haha, I didn't leave that second comment right there, I forgot that I was logged in on my fiance's laptop and she just entered that comment of support but it looks like I did it myself. Her screen name is heather13.

staffell profile pic Alumni

Rocky's having a conversation with himself^

franx profile pic Alumni

this is nothing but impressive. awesome job.

Ava Adore

just awesome


awesome, I only wish the fold in had been designed the other way (with horizontal fold lines instead of verticle) so you could fold it up and show it off WHILE you are wearing it.

but yeah, i guess this was is more traditional.

asher27 profile pic Alumni

i hate how ive been giving most of the battle royal designs 4s and 5s and 5 and buys....

hmm... would i buy this....
i think i would.


Holy crap! A fold in, that's too great. Instantly brings me back to a simpler time, when MAD magazine was about the funniest thing there was. Al Jaffee!

badnobe profile pic Alumni

genius!i love this design.i wish that people wouldnt say this is so busy, because this is really an awesome design!a winner.

staffell profile pic Alumni

Rocky: You do realise that this is a must-printl simply because it will be the first shirt in Threadless history to have a secret "fold-in to reveal the king" mechanism!

Next time i'm gonna have a design that moves when you look at it and changes colour depending on your mood.


very clever, very well drawn. It looks real good as just a 1 color.


wow...thats a fivemoney!

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

that's awesome! this Battle Royale is going to be hard to win...

Rockslide profile pic Artist

Hey thanks everyone! As always, I had a lot of fun with this. I wanted to really represent the feel of threadless, chaotic, fun, melting pot of styles and ideas, with an original twist. Threadless is a constant battle royale. That's what makes it so much fun. Thanks for all the comments and support.


definitely one of the best shirts i've seen.
and the fold in value... me and my history of Mad Magazine love you. and salute you.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

I Love mad magazine fold-ins!!
Great idea, very nice illustration. It's clear alot of time has gone into this. Well Done!


ok, so i just tested the fold-inness in paint, and that's just bloody amazing. how do you plan something like that? g'jorb all around

Rockslide profile pic Artist

I actually started with the fold-in drawing and worked backwards. I folded a piece of paper over, did the squid drawing, unfolded it and drew in the rest. It was a fun little experiment, you should try it sometime. It will really entertain the kids!


Needs more cowbell.


Rockslide profile pic Artist

theequalizer- seriously, I haven't laughed so hard in quite some time. That's the first bad comment I've received in all my time here, which isn't too long mind you, but still. It was fun and original. I have an idea of who you are. Anyways, post a couple subs of your own so I can see the light, haha. Really, thanks for the honest criticism.

Long time no see westy. I hope life's been treating you well. Thanks for the comments.

Rockslide profile pic Artist

haha, that isn't Peter is it? Wouldn't that be cool to be the guy who painted all those cheap prints at those convention sales. I mean really, your painting would be on the walls of trailer parks across the country. That would be pretty cool. That and designing a cereal box. That would be fun, every morning millions would stare at your cereal box.

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