Battle For Omega

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zenbolic vision
zenbolic vision profile pic Artist

seeing this 10k favorite contest made have the strongest bairn storm of ideas of all time,,, what can be this perfect design to win such competition and its a strong harsh one too of brain storms and ideas all fighting to i got this energetic powerful idea bout my design BATTLE FOR OMEGA 2 up normal huge gorillas fighting for the name and honor of omega ,,, so this resembles how i felt trying to think of the perfect design and yet the competition is so strong ! so this resembles such strong impact got into me and my brain trying to win this one showing my inner storm and powerful thoughts bout it ! and its great because it show the great power you can have and fight for the thing you want in life!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

I like it

dudeowl profile pic Alumni

this is real? haha

zenbolic vision
zenbolic vision profile pic Artist

hahah thanks all and haha no i designed it to look real like vintage match ! thanks tho this means it serves the purpose good ;)


this is a great idea 5...


ps the guy legendartist who you said had great ideas has ripped most of them off from other t shirt sites and is passing them off as his own please report him i have

zenbolic vision
zenbolic vision profile pic Artist

REALLY hmm he has been scoring me so its confirmed he rips all his designs if so i will report him ! thanks for ur vote man !!! am uploading my new design happy shit now if u want vote thanks and i will check on his work and if so i will take action


Great one!



zenbolic vision
zenbolic vision profile pic Artist



Cool idea but you need to work on making it look good on a shirt. Use the shirt as negative space to merge the design with the shirt, as opposed to just plopping a rectangle of ink on the chest.

zenbolic vision
zenbolic vision profile pic Artist

Adhesive Hippo.. doing that will loose all the concept of this photo edited design to look like a photograph i agree that some pll dont like squarish design but this dont kill the fact theres alot of square designs that looks cool and believe me when i done this design my great concers was how to merge it and i tried u said but it didnt work thank for the idea tho ;) enjoy

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