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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

It's a full court press from the minds of Flying Mouse, Wandering Bert, Lunchboxbrain and Frickinawesome! Re-vamped and re-subbed for the Comebacks contest, we hope this captures the excitement of those final moments where a player's every judgment and motion can change a game from out of gas to explosive.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

wow! i'm feeling the countdown! great job on invoking the emotions!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

steve nash. lol.

great illustration, and cool ass colors$5


What roadkill3d said. Great design!

WanderingBert profile pic Alumni

th1rt3en- it's for a sports based competition- "The Comebacks" loves comp.

I think this is a great design, but I would say that :)


I'm just playing devil's advocate here. shouldn't this project be related to football?
I know the subject matter is open, but if I'm trying to promote a Kung Fu film, I won't be using a design based on a Cowboys and Indians...Maybe that's how Chuck Norris got his break in that show

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

Looks great 5$

WhitneyBeth profile pic Alumni

this is really great, and a perfect take on the theme.

herky profile pic Alumni

Nice collab guys, Steve Nash ftw! $5


A little too much detail with the text behind the players... otherwise, "frickin' awesome". :)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

thanks again guys and gals for the sub and Steve Nash love. I will accept the kiss given to SN as a middle man!

Woah, Yoshi left a comment on a sub! Hope all is well man, and hopefully we can finish the second collab we are gonna do together...

Ava Adore

ah, nice re sub looks much better!

jet approves

hahah, nice job guys.

emeryg profile pic Alumni

deserves a heaps higher score than this! Quality illustration nice job FA

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

lol...1.67! There's gotta be a plot against this design if it got that low a score. why do the terrorists hate this sub so bad? Thanks everyone for commenting and voting, and thanks so much to the artists that gave this another go with me....and apparently burst into flames during landing! Oh time!

Edword profile pic Alumni

wow the votes hate b-ball!

WhitneyBeth profile pic Alumni

holy cow! i gave this a 5... what happened here?

dacat profile pic Alumni

This score is depressing...a great design bashed by voters who would vote a muffin and a smiley face higher.

jet approves

i think quick scorers probably just assumed it was a basketball, and didn't pay enough attention to see that it was a bomb.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

Thanks a ton for the support guys. It makes me and most likely the rest of the basketbomb crew feel better about the nearly sub-zero score and temperature this design was greeted with!

jet approves- That's why i named it "Basketbomb"! lol. So the slow voters would get the idea....

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