Barrel O' Monk Keys

Design by Twiggyhall

Barrel O' Monk Keys by Twiggyhall on Threadless
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Twiggyhall profile pic Artist

I wish I knew how to make one of those cool flash thingys so it could flash between the design in full size and a shirt with the picture on it, but shucks, I'm just a computer fuddy-duddy!


I really like the art style. The pun is a bit to strained for me, though.


unbelievably obscure pun without the title.

Twiggyhall profile pic Artist

I don't forsee any "$5 I LOVE THIS" comments from anyone. Seems like no one likes it that much. shrugs

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I love your drawing style, but perhaps for a pun that makes more sense and is understood instantly....maybe we can collab on something sometime? Email me for a few ideas if you wanna do something...

Other than that, all i have to say about this is: Monk Keys give you Wiiiiiiiiiiiiings!

Twiggyhall profile pic Artist

Thanks for the kind words, Frickinawesome! I am working on some other designs and hopefully I'll hit the nail on the head with one of them soon!

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