Baron Von PickleSnort

Design by travis76

Baron Von PickleSnort by travis76 on Threadless
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dingle??...oh ok.very sweet pic.

ronlewis profile pic Alumni

don't listen to these people. . dogs have dicks. Get over it for gods sake . . .


Expos-It doesnt look anything like Ren and Stimpy! its not ugly either, would def like this shirt.think its cool that youve made it so different to your other designs.Give it a big 5.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

fukin great! thankyou for making this pic anatomically correct, little six nippled horny bastards, gotta luv pugs.

goddamn, some of these comments are so dumb, these people are the biggest whining ..... I would wear this proudly, christ, I'd wear it on a pink shirt, I guess I'm just comfortable with who I am... well fukin kudos to me huh? wait a sec, are most of the people who visit this site preteenies and teenagers?



Mwahaha, I like this, might look better centered though.


I'd like it better if the weiner had a grey slit as opposed to another nipple on it. But I'd probably wear this, because of the weiner.


i don't get this penis thing. i mean, i see it,and im trying here, but i still dont get why people are so freaked out by it. for design purposes, i question the dot on it. after the other nipples, it looks like another. and -that- might be a bit weird...otherwise, very cool, looks good on denim.

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