Barbed Wire Peace

Design by Papaprime

Barbed Wire Peace by Papaprime on Threadless
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Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

very simple
but I think it looks awesome on a shirt!

Papaprime profile pic Artist

I was struggling with shirt colors, so I went with a contrasting (blue) and a compliment that doesn't overtake the black in the barbed wire (grey) I'm aware these aren't color wheel acurate compliments and contrasts either :P

I chose the maroonish shade and lighter pink to convey hate and love. If other colors could convey that better, I'd have used them, but nothing seemed to work.

Thanks for the critiques!

Jemae profile pic Alumni

Idea is great & I think greater with white dove! =)

Luke... profile pic Alumni

great concept


i like it, but im just not a fan of the dove's colors


for the birds!! srry dude, cant win em all.

Papaprime profile pic Artist

I prefer the enormous sizes to the travel size anyways.


This is beautiful! I could imagine the barbed wire to be stitched on the shirt, rather than printed. I would buy this!

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