Banana Says: Boo!

Design by tobiasfonseca

Banana Says: Boo! by tobiasfonseca on Threadless
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I loved!!!!


I love the banana ghost design but not keen on the text.


i feel like such a moron, i didn't get it a first, i was thinking/hoping that it was a monkey magic reference, though i couldn't work out the joke there either, i think because i have seen monkey magic shirts with the character's face printed in a similar format, and monkey has the ring on his skull
just thought i'd share my stupidity with you all

on to the design -- the text isn't quite right, but the design would be nothing without it -- maybe you should have a monkey meeting the banana ghost without any text, or a monkey who ate alot of bananas only to have an army of ghosts rise up against him!


How 'bout placed top right with a monkey cringing in the lower left corner - would that take care of the text issue? I think seeing a monkey on there would make me happier than the text ever could :P Awesome illustration, however


apologies - I also don't get the background on the burst...are those ice cream cones?


That peel is thrilled to be out a-haunting.

Pretty funny. ( :


i actually like the text content... but i'm not sure i like the wording... i like the concept though!

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