Balls Hate Sports

Design by DeadPoetic_Underoath

Balls Hate Sports by DeadPoetic_Underoath on Threadless
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Luke... profile pic Alumni
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haha, caveman sports...i like the cascading shoulder placement

R G profile pic Alumni

nice idea!


As always, brilliant!

filak profile pic Alumni

Nice $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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im not trying to be a jerk to you my man...but my inner complaint about your always extremely well-stylized designs is there seems to be very litle point of why everything is placed where it is and doing what they are doing...and this shirt of yours FINALLY gives me that instant reaction to your material I've been looking for! I think you should have two on the front and two on the back of the shirt, or just pick two of the designs and place one on front and one on back. Great work though...I can finally sing my praised of your style along with everyone now! 4$!

herky profile pic Alumni

great characters and colors.$5

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

top corner placement looks great!


I like the shoulder placement too. yay.


again great =D

.onion profile pic Alumni

awesome as always! the shoulder one is cooler :)

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

nice!!!!!! $5, loving it!

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