Balloon Doggie

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Balloon Doggie by Ueno on Threadless
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oh crap.. im stupid.. i cleaned out my website.. i'll upload it when i get home!

diligent sesame

I really like your style! But I think you either keep the rainbow and lose the ballons, or vice versa. Probably keep the balloons.


what is that weird bellybutton thing?


I agree with gentle reader about the rainbow being a distraction. The scarf, googles, and clouds are nice touches to the balloon flight. What's going on with the bellybutton? Are the black dots belly buttons or is it the x in the tan spot?


i'm so glad you subbed as this is gorgeous. i am also laughing at the ppl stressing over the bellybutton.

Ueno profile pic Artist

LOL i didnt think people would keep asking about the bellybutton.. i just felt like putting dark circles near it.. the x = bellybutton xDD; the circles are just spots.. and yeay i just uploaded the pictures :) i think they look more interesting when i resized it smaller.. i think i may have enlarged it too much in the original :( my initial idea with the rainbow is that.. well you know, girls have boobs so.. it'll curve around.. i dunno maybe im just weird :P (even if youre male i think it'd still curve around a bit)

Ueno profile pic Artist

oh and thanks so far guys!! :)

Ueno profile pic Artist

oh and miss cara :) the parachute does seem interesting as well.. im really trying to expand my ideas as well cos my drawings i know are a bit way too simple on that department.. ^^;


i like it on the dakota slate!


I like the picture:) Very cute! Would love to see a line of shirts from you:)


Awwwww... So cuuuuute!


I love your illustrations! This must get printed. $5!!

Ueno profile pic Artist

thank you!! :)

Ueno profile pic Artist

sorry if the balloons are overused.. but i thought it fits the idea.. shrugs ): and no its not a rabbit.. i dunno why people think it is when their ears are usually (about 99.9%) drawn upwards.. D;

and thanks everyone else :]


Yeah, the balloons maybe make me like this one a bit less than your other current sub, but these characters are great. You did a good job of sorting out your colour conundrum!

Ueno profile pic Artist

thank you! do you guys dislike the balloons cos it's common? or is it really just out of place? cos if i take those out.. it.. looks pretty empty D:

Ueno profile pic Artist

aww thanks guys. :)

and lol, either people hate the balloons or the rainbow... eh... XD i guess it was a pretty dumb idea that i wanted him to walk on the rainbow while he's floating :p


The balloons are good... I think the parachute is just too obvious. I like this on the chocolate. Very cute design. I'd have to agree that the rainbow at the bottom is distracting.

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