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One of the best designs I've seen in a long while, $5.


Hah, looks like a character from Samurai Jack, but I like it.


$5! Creepy and awesome.


Yay, it's here! Great naive style; it makes a creepy tension between the idea of a child-like drawing and humans being farmed or killed for food. Plus it's funny. Love it.

Mistress P

I agree with steve. The illustration's not strong enough. I like the red and olive green colour combi. Actually if you would strengthen the outlines (straighten them and bolder lines) it might look better and not too amateurish. Something just bothers me about the tags - the words on them make the design look too cluttered. Hope this is constructive, fastjumper.


It's really cool. The idea is fun-- at first I thought the signs were in Japanese, which kind of made it even more hilarious. The head needs some more expression to it... some emotion-- raising a knife in a butcher shop is just weird to do unless there is some result to the action. The best part are the tight color choices. I'd wear this to a sushi restaraunt.


Really like this. Nogoodpeacenik youre a douchebag.


OH I understand what youre saying. I apoligize nogoodpeacenik, i was out of line

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