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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

hahaha, inspired insanity here. Not as much a fan of the silhouettes, but very amusing robot there, especially the fancy boy hairdo.

ndikol profile pic Alumni

hehehehehe... funny

alexmdc profile pic Staff

robot = $5


because he doesn't have a net, it looks like a giant wooden spoon. was that an intentional pun on "serve," or just an oversight?

robbielee profile pic Artist

@chelly: the racket has netting- it just didn't show up very well in the preview pic. here's a 1:1 pic of the racket:
Otherwise he would not be able to hit the tiny shuttlecock he's holding... (still a little off scale, granted)


very clever - i love it and love the colors!

robbielee profile pic Artist

Silhouettes are nice because they're a little abstracted-so they're more like symbols of people instead of actual people. Besides, I wanted the star of the show to be the menacing dandy-bot holding a huge racket and a tiny shuttlecock. Thanks for the comment!


This shirt is so funny and makes badminton fierce! I love his teeny-tiny shuttlecock :-) Totally a $5-er--no doubt!

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