Bad things happen to Bad people

Design by againstbound

Bad things happen to Bad people by againstbound on Threadless
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Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

awwww nice


Hahaha, poor little devil. Cute. Prefer the charcoal.


love the concept 5$$$$$$$$$$$


i like it, but without people knowing the title, how're htey meant to get it.

againstbound profile pic Artist

thanks for support, and rhayward i dont think its such a complicated concept and even so it can be open to interpretation, and who doesnt want to wear a cute little devil ? ;D


maybe if he burned an ice cream shop in the background it would make more sense to me but i like the concept

againstbound profile pic Artist

damn, i tought it was pretty obvious :/, he is the ruler of hell and hes burning souls forever, hence his bad things, and the way karma makes him pay is depriving him of his delicious ice cream, i wanted to go for an exaggerated/funny way of showing the punishment doesnt fit the crime


poor devil person.........

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