Bad Fishy! Very Bad!

Design by jewelwing

Bad Fishy! Very Bad! by jewelwing on Threadless
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jewelwing profile pic Artist

Lionfish are really impressive, but they don't belong in the Caribbean. Problem is, they've invade the area and now they're taking over, destroying lots of pretty native wildlife. They're even in Florida waters. You can do a search and find lots of info about the problem. I made this shirt to hopefully raise a little bit of awareness about it and also because the idea of a wanted poster for a fish made me laugh.

jewelwing profile pic Artist

Thanks ana!


great colour palette and placement!

rompetelcuero profile pic Alumni

Great work, probably, as always is our fault.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

REAL cool fish, but the text kinda detracts.

dschwen profile pic Alumni


jewelwing profile pic Artist

Thanks all! I had a lot of text-haters in the critique of this one too, but I decided to go with my original idea this time around because, hey, you can alway make another pretty drawing of a fish but I liked that this was something more than that.

Oh, and yes, you can totally eat lionfish. They're supposed to be delicious. So if you see one on a menu somewhere - order it! That's about the only action you could take on this problem, aside from moving to the islands and personally declaring war.


I'd wear it and then I'd catch one and eat it.


i like your design, i hope it gets printed i`m from Mexico and usually buys tees from threadless and yours is very nice, congratulations, jewel. i give you a 5, well not a five ill give you a 10


This is lovely. I usually don't like text on tees but in this case I actually don't really mind. $4


Yeah, love the colors.

GRANDR profile pic Alumni

Nice work!!

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