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florever profile pic Artist

it's a bigger world outside of the television!


i don't really get it... but i like it anyway?

againstbound profile pic Alumni

Really nice, but I think it would look better without the tree and the mermaid, and probably a solid color for the tv's background.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I don't so much mind the tree and mermaid, but I'd like to see the design stretch from the upper left like you have it down to the bottom right. As is, it's a wonderfully abstract flowy piece that dries up in the middle of the tee. nice stuff!

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

I love the waves and everything else except the mermaid. she seemed disconnected layout-wise from all the other elements. Probably because she's rendered as a silhouette.


sorry i thought it was a microwave

lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni
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i agree with roadkill, the mermaid doesn't add anything to the design. 4


Is it me, or does this look like the parts were drawn by three different people? The clouds and fish don't match the water and roots.
I wish the water was drawn better or more stylized like the clouds, same with the roots.
Lose the mermaid, and the explanation point. They really compromise the entire design.


Cool design!

alvarejo profile pic Alumni



i agree about removing the mermaid, otherwise, its very nice:) if you want people to avoid thinking its a microwave lol, maybe you could put those old style tv antennae on top


Hahaha I feel compelled to comment on this design for some reason ;)

I could really do without the mermaid also, but as it is I would still buy it as a shirt. Not that I'm biased or anything :p


Really neat. Best design I've seen in a while. (I'm quite picky.)

Everyone keeps saying to do without the mermaid but if you take it out it wont look right. What The mermaid really needs is more detail.


Unlike these teeny-bobbers, I knew that was a t.v. since I grew up with one. (We used to have to physically change the channels by turning a knob. It was like the middle ages.)


I love it. Tree, mermaid and all. I love, love, love this style. The mermaid maybe could do with a touch more detail, but even if you didn't ad that in, I would buy it.


lose the mermaid and tree. my .02c


Ha, the fish reminded me of Escher, too.

Funny, the first thing I thought when I saw it was "I like everything about this except the mermaid" and then I read all of the other comments!

I like everything else, though, including the tree roots.

4 w/o the mermaid


At first I thought that was a microwave, and I thought: Why a microwave? But the Tv makes more sense now. This is actually pretty cool. I'll give you a 3.


wow, I would have given this 5* if it was still in for voting.. shame really..

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