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B.A.C Minor by Ste7en on Threadless
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I really like the design, but with the red tee, it looks kind of... I dunno. Sadic? At firt I thought the liquid was blood. -_- Haha, but maybe that's just me.
So you may want to rethink the tee color, but the design is really great. ^^


I really like the red on read. Big fan of wine but, um, not sure what the white thing is?

Ste7en profile pic Artist

alright, since im guessing people are going to miss the point I will explain. Its supposed to be like a bartender conducting an orchestra with different glasses for different beverages. The spoon is white to be like the thing conductors hold.


i thought the blood was coming from the wrists of the hands... if you remove that!! and maybe do this in a dark purple? then it would be sexy fine

andyg profile pic Alumni

Even with the explanation I don't think it translates well.

Raj Mahtaj

I though the wrists were slit as well.

Ava Adore

mm great illus!


Drinks are normally a sorts of colors. Maybe if you were to change up the colors a bit it would look less like blood. I love your concept though.


Love it, but don't get it.


I really like the colors a lot - the shirt & the design - but I also thought that blood was flowing from the wrists. I thought it was alluding to how personal music is to the people who create it. The spoon would be more recognizable if you took out the dark oval & used some other form of shadowing to suggest the spoon's inward curve. As it is , it kinda looks like a hole. I dunno. But I really like the design's feel overall!

.onion profile pic Alumni

Cool design.

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