Babe The Blue Ox

Design by Mom Tried

Babe The Blue Ox by Mom Tried on Threadless
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Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Nicely done, but i'd like to see more "gigantic" elements to this. after all, he was the Big Blue Ox.


Babe the dead blue ox? Why?


I don't like it, just because he's dead. xP
But it is an interesting design. I agree that it also needs more of a "big" element, though I've no ideas as to what that could be. . . .


I agree with most of above:
It would look better on a light blue.
It needs something to indicate the scale of the ox.
The leaves work against the head being gigantic, they should look tiny on Babe's giant horns.
If it were my creation, I probably would've included a giant axe with bloodstains on it, but I'm not right in the head.

bennyd302 profile pic Alumni

good illo, agree with the comment above.... could be the start of something really nice

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