Aztec Rocker

Design by IvanJLong

Aztec Rocker by IvanJLong on Threadless
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I love the textures, the sunglasses don't seem to fit in very well though.


Yes I can see what @dodgyr means, but I do love the texture and colours! And for some reason everyone seems to think this is a Mayan creation - which it most certainly is not. So this shirt can educate them :D

DRO72 profile pic Alumni

ok, yeah, the glasses could be a little more integrated, but still - cool!


Very cool!

Dani Martinez
Dani Martinez profile pic Alumni

I like the different color. It's very nice!

IvanJLong profile pic Artist

yep, i think that too, now i'm looking back, the sunglasses are a little bit out of the flow, i think i could making better next designs, thanks for your opinions


This is great!


o like the colors and the texture!


Well, I don't see the sunglasses as a bad thing, I think it's nice it breaks out from the rest with the different texture, as if this Aztec statue came from a traditional family and was, now, breaking away, wearing sunglasses and rocking out, but that's just my opinion! Also, this would be a great entry to the Bands challenge! A pity you missed that!


Oh, btw, $5!!!

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