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jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I don't mind the size. I think this is really great. Very funny. I'd wear this. $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'm not into wearing shit holes on my shirt, but not a bad concept overall.

Siude note: Did you know the reason people call toilets the "crapper" sometime and the word "crap" in general comes from the first man who installed toilets in public places and such whose name was Thomas Crapper? The name "Crapper" was stamped into all his products, and people just assumed this was the name of the apparutus they were now relieving themselves in. What an honor for the Crapper family!

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Haha, this actually made me chuckle!


Bottom left.
I think its clever!


Isn't "the John" for "the toilet" a British expression? In that case it's no wonder Americans aren't getting it...

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Coolies! But people here in my place won't get it 'coz we don't call our toilet as John.


i`d make the toilet smaller.
and make the placement up in the top right/left hand corner of the shirt.

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