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nickv47 profile pic Artist

It's the Awesome Hat Club. Frank's hat isn't awesome enough (sorry Frank).

More hats, animals, and randomness in 2010, start the trend!


this its just so great!!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

poor Frank

herky profile pic Alumni



I love the pancake hat! Great illustration $$

Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

Nicely done. Great illustrated characters as well and I love their facial expressions haha. Those hats are awesome, especially that delicious pancake hat. Those would go perfectly with bacon if you know what I mean...




nice illo... 5$$

ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni

nice work


Those hats all deliver what they promise. 4 for you, friend.

David Maclennan
David Maclennan profile pic Alumni

Dammit. I was totally also gonna do an awesome hat club design. Literally that exact same phrase. Thought about it last night. Oh well... at least your awesome pictures do justice to the awesomeness of the hats. Nice work man.


Awww poor frank.

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

but frank's hat is too awesome!!! aww!!!


this will print. congratz

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

Super fun!! Great job!

dschwen profile pic Alumni


lawrence loh
lawrence loh profile pic Alumni

haha i love their hat!


hahaha this is awesome

bengineer profile pic Alumni

hahaha, awesome! $5

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

nice 5$

ndikol profile pic Alumni


ndstillie profile pic Alumni

lol Awesome

outline profile pic Alumni

i could have sworn i've seen this in a comic before...maybe bizarro? hmm

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

It's the same idea. Silly hats vs. 1 non silly hat. I said the illustration was nice, but the idea is the same. maybe ripped isn't the right word, but strongly influenced rather.

outline profile pic Alumni

oh, maybe thats where i saw it. it is a very cool illustration though.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

Well you can't deny the similarity in concept, and it's not a bad thing to be strongly influenced, but I refuse to believe that you somehow time traveled and had this idea before Don.

nickv47 profile pic Artist

i've been writing comics and stuff for a long long time man. feel free to check my website:

I get random ideas out of the blue sometimes. This being one of them. He might've beat me to the punch with a drawing of some stick figures with "silly hats" but this is all MINE.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

Once again, I said the drawing was nice, but he made that cartoon over 10 years ago.

"Collectively, his animated films have received over one hundred awards and have been presented in over a thousand film festivals and venues worldwide. Before the age of thirty, his films were already the subject of several career retrospectives. He was the youngest director named in the "They Shoot Pictures, Don't They" list of "The 100 Important Animation Directors."

I would say he's kinda a big deal. One of the best stick figure drawers ever. If it is coincidental, then it's coincidental, but it's very similar in concept, and that's what I was pointing out.

nickv47 profile pic Artist

omg dude. thanks for the education, and coincidentally, hating on the fun by brow beating me with your (googled) knowledge of animation.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

I could have told you that he was one of the main collaborators on Mtv's Animation show series with Mike Judge (beavis and butthead and king of the hill) but that may not mean anything to you, even though it was a really huge/important collection of animations. I've only been following Don since early 2000's so sorry for not having a full list of his awards that I can rattle off the top of my head.

All that doesn't matter, if you're going to become all defensive after I compared you to a great, it really makes me feel like I was correct in my first assessment of you ripping off the idea.

And what's more... Herb Lubalin once said "Good designers borrow, great designers steal"... give credit where credit is due, but also keep that in mind when someone compares your work to that of a great it may be a compliment.

nickv47 profile pic Artist

I'm glad we're fighting over some of the shittiest, poorly drawn, albeit award winning animation, ever. Yes, I know Beavis and Butthead, I also know all of the old MTV animation stuff, Liquid Animation, Aeon Flux, Bill Plimpton, good and bad all of the above. I LIVED IT, I'm pretty sure you're referencing things that were before your time and you just have the Youtube and DVD's to reference. I also know comics and comic strips and all that. And you know what? When I reference something, professionally, ethically, legally, I give props and I give credit when credit is due. None is due here. If you check my "red wagon" submission, I was giving props to Calvin and Hobbes, because that's what I was paying homage to, it was my original spin on that strip as a tee design. THIS DESIGN however, when I sat down and drew it, was not a "rip", or an homage, or anything to Don's animations. Do I know of his animations? OF COURSE. Did it influence or even cross my mind when I drew this submission? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I'm not ripping on Don, nor do I have anything against him. In your eyes we have a similar idea here. For myself, I'm just trying to make it on my own, with my own ideas and make people laugh.

You have a pretty amazing way of complimenting people, saying I "ripped" this idea, "ripped" to me sounds like "ripped off", as in stole, which is why I'm being defensive, no one likes being called a "rip off". Further more, are you insinuating that this design is copyright infringement? Prove it. Cause that's kind of what you seem to be getting at. Other than there's a group of characters wearing hats, you really have nothing to stand on here buddy.

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

I'm not fighting you. You've been defensive the entire time, even when I said that I acknowledge that you didn't rip it, but rather took influence from. I'm simply stating the concept is insanely similar, not the art styling, not the characters themselves as you seem to think I've said...but the concept and some of the composition. One person being outcast because he doesn't have a wacky hat, and a banner very similar elements, a similar gather of a "wacky hat group" even though you deny it... I think it is similar, as did Liz(outline). And not thinking about something while you design something doesn't make it "not similar" it just means you didn't fully research. That's the same as designing a logo for a restaurant called "Mel's" and making it a golden M.. then when you're getting sued by mcdonalds saying "I didn't even think about your logo when I was designing it"

If you honestly never saw the cartoon, although you "LIVED IT" that is a travesty, and I'm sorry you hadn't. But for whatever reason think being older than me makes you more knowledgeable about cartoons or better in any way to try and attack me on a personal level is just silly, sir.

Once again you have no reason to be defensive. My comment was intended to draw the obvious comparison between the two, not to make you butt hurt about being a struggling artist.

Finally (and this will be my last comment on this design as to not prolong the inevitable call and response that I get with you) This will get a decent score, and has a chance to print, so I really have no clue why you're so upset/protective.

nickv47 profile pic Artist

And yet you are fighting me. First line, of my last rebuttal was me stating that I've watched ALL of these cartoons man. I lived it, I've damn near seen them all when they came out. You were like what at the time, 6 year old? And as far as personal attacks, I'd say you got the ball rolling saying I'm "ripping off" this animator's idea. Calling me a rip off cuts to the core man, that's career killer shit and I'm NOT a RIPOFF. So I'm going to defend myself against asinine accusatory comments like that. How about better choice in words next time you comment on someone's idea. Like no one can ever do a funny hat illustration again, ever? Give me a break.

I do pretty well as an artist btw, just thought I'd dabble in the Threadless gig, you must be the one struggling, obviously so if you have time to sit and watch EVERY SINGLE animation. Do my homework, please, I've done it. Get over yourself dude. McDonald's reference? This animation is hardly as well known, it's big in your world obviously. Agree to disagree even on the influence thing, I have my own ideas going. I think last time I saw that animation was like 2004, so it's not exactly fresh for me to be influenced by. But like I said, I've seen it, but this is not influenced by it.

Send me your address if this prints. It's on me.


Love it love it.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

hahaha, this is simply awesome dude. I like how the hats everyone is wearing is purposely taunting their own selves and natures. Frank needs to get some more originality. Lovely details both conceptually and visually!


thegoodpope profile pic Alumni

I love this design. $5
I also really love the fight in the middle of this
Great work man!


great work on this...definitely a 5...just regreting not being able to see "the red wagon" tee to print...i was totally going to buy that... :( but none the less...great job man...keep them coming.

and on a side note...referencing you two's little bickering up there...all ideas in some ways gets's how you put a new innovative twist to it that counts (not saying you stole idea and all, cuz i don't really follow every single artists' work, so i can't judge), and your design of the sock monkey, that you gave props to Calvin and Hobbes was absolutely great to give to tribute some fine cartoonist out there. So disregard what anyone else thinks (except for our votes!!! vote for this guy!!!! he is talented!!!) continue to bring us your work that puts smile on my face!!! Cheers!!

florey profile pic Alumni

Is that a 30 Rock reference I see? Awesome sauce!
This really should go to print. It's damn good.

"Send me your address if this prints. It's on me." Haha! Nice one!

mangobajito profile pic Alumni

I really like your illo my friend! Well done :)

Congolia Breckenridge

I liked this in spite if the obvious joke but I took off points once I scrolled down to the argument

Jesus dude pick your battles

nickv47 profile pic Artist

thanks for the life advice Congolia. i'm just here to design shirts, and if need be, defend myself against incendiary comments wrapped as compliments. he should've told me he popped a Mentos, then none of this would have been written.


Franks's hat is awesome because because it says that HE rules. And it is awesome to be that confident, go frank


aah, why did I miss that one? super cool!!

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