Awake The Dawn

Design by Pook

Awake The Dawn by Pook on Threadless
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franx profile pic Alumni

nice, congratulations... you bastard...5


Yeah, gave me deja vu too - I know Afternoon Delight has unicorns, but with the horse silhouette and the rainbow it's the first thing I thought of (not that that's a bad thing, I'm just saying).

Gosh, this design is beautiful. The colours and placement are perfect. I've never listened to Eisley, but I would definitely buy this shirt.

finkenstein profile pic Alumni

this is super awesome.
and I think Iwouldbejosh is wrong about the girl, she's a perfect design choice, there's nothing else that would be more perfect there, she draws your eye into the illustration and if she were flat like everything else she would be boring.
some people just like to blow smoke out of they're ass and tell you they think something's wrong when it's not.

Ava Adore

nice work. the colours work well


I love the random windmill.
Excellent design and it stands outside the contest as well.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

very nice work. 5+


I don't like the girl so much but the rest is beautiful.


i like eisley and i really like this shirt too bad i didnt see it untill today i wouldve voted 5$

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