Auspicious Conjonction

Design by Scorpionne

Auspicious Conjonction by Scorpionne on Threadless
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Gulja Holland

wow cool design! Love the hand drawn detailing :) Please score my own!!


awesome stuff, great work but your great work is out of proportion. Meaning, imho the focal point of your work is too small. What if you lost the outer two rings making the central work larger in order to see the beautiful detail that lies beneath. But, what do I know. Just a suggestion to a budding superstar artist as you are. good luck

Khana's Web

Beautiful design :)


This was my favorite moment as a child and now as an adult also. As a fellow artist, I appreciate so much how well you have captured the feeling of this part of the movie. I love this! Can't wait to buy a T-shirt of it!

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