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this is pretty good use of lame subject matter, which obviously isn't your fault

staffell profile pic Alumni

Its such a cool image, but without the explanation, its so hard to realise what the hard disk is. If only people were more intelligent.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

swankypimp, at 5:55pm on Oct 1, 2005
i hate it when a designer waters down his work by "breaking it down" for his audience. don't assume we are stupid. and if we can't look at your design and feel the concept behind it, then your design is flawed. you should never have to "break down" your design in order for people to "get it."

^^^ whatever mr. high and mighty take a fuckin # and order of cup of shut the fuck up! half the twats on this site need to be spoon fed cutsy catchy piss anyway so I completely see why kevin had to offer an explanation other than the fact he just wanted to. any designer is fully entitled give a description about their work.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

very cool idea but I hate the wave file in the background, otherwise a buy because it's a very interesting take on a burnt out subject


i'd buy it.


shink it down a bit and it would be perfect


This is very very nice!

staffell profile pic Alumni

just read swankypimps message up there ^^ what a penis

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