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jrmasm profile pic Artist

Last night the moths at my back door found that they were looking for enlightenment in the wrong places.

After much discussion and a couple of drinks, they set off on different paths. Some chose faith, some knowledge and others...well they just found what they needed in an old 45.

It was some night.


i don't know what the adaptive-record-size thing in the middle is called, but for some reason i have a real weakness for it and now really love this

dacat profile pic Alumni

Yeah, that record spacer thing in the middle makes the design even more rad $5


I think its really super cool and Ive not seen anything like it!



i love the center design, and i think the butterfly/moths are cool, but i think i would like it a lot better if it were only the middle design and the grey moths that match the background. Minus those i would definitely get this shirt.


not bad, but most of the moths are facing the wrong way. they should be heading towards the center

jrmasm profile pic Artist

To explain- not that it really matters-The colored moths heading away are the enlightened ones. The gray moths (the masses)are still trying to become enlightened. I'm just saying that music is one way towards enlightenment.

cbuchholz profile pic Alumni

Awesome design Jim, and I love the little story behind it. How do fireflies fit into your metaphor?


I'll give you $5 if it's your original logo. That's too similar with The Black Crowes'.

jrmasm profile pic Artist

It's not orginal by the Black Crowes or myself. It's an insert that was used on 45 records so they could play on a regular record player.


A unexpected mixture of imagery.
Nice nostalgia for the old 45 record.
I like it a lot $5.

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