At The Monster Ball

Design by Coleblotcky

At The Monster Ball by Coleblotcky on Threadless
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Coleblotcky profile pic Artist

Another collaboration between Cole Blotcky and Andy Cox.

The design is our little twist on Lady Gaga with several of her most famous outfits from music videos and award shows.

8 color screen print or simulated process on a natural/creme colored shirt.

staffell profile pic Alumni

I hate this woman!

staffell profile pic Alumni

Yeah, the design is great, but the theme, not so much

HorsefaceDee profile pic Alumni

interesting illustration..:)


I love the theme, but not the actual illustration. I feel like it insults Lady Gaga and I'm a big fan of hers.



Coleblotcky profile pic Artist

@maddizzlee how do you figure it insults her?

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Nice mish-mosh of her most "famous" and "shocking" outfits, even though i think it's all been done before in a much more provacitive and interesting way as Madonna in the 80's. I like the styles a ton tho here, you forgot the lobster eyeglass hat!


i'd marry this shirt


i made a dang account just to vote for you on this. you better appreciate it as now i know threadless is going to beat up my inbox. i pressed "5" does that mean i did it right?

Zen Studio

weirdo but luv the ilo....

Coleblotcky profile pic Artist

thanks guys. seems like my last sub did a lot better. still trying to figure out how to get y'all to like my style.

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