At the end of a rainbow...

Design by Leroy_Hornblower

At the end of a rainbow... by Leroy_Hornblower on Threadless
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Little is written of the hatred leprechauns have for rainbows. A rainbows penchant for singing, and bubbling personality, has long annoyed the aloof and unfriendly leprechauns. But it’s not until a rainbow appears over, and marks the location of, a leprechaun’s hidden pot of gold that their blood really begins to boil.

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Might be a nicer way to end the rainbow up top, but I'm liking this.

Ava Adore

Very nice illus, $5


Leprechauns freak me out, I mean I really really hate them. sorry.


this is brilliant

King Kanuck

you should try replacing blue and yellow for the green like you did for the orange in the rainbow and then including green and blue in the rainbow. i think it would help your tee a lot; the bacon rainbow just doens't cut it


the rainbow reminds me of bacon a little..but the design still looks cool.


very very nice!!

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

you people eat reeeeeaaaaalllly old bacon if its yellow

this is great love teh characters

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