At Some Point This Got Out of Hand . . .

Design by Leaky123

At Some Point This Got Out of Hand . . . by Leaky123 on Threadless
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Jemae profile pic Alumni

Nice illus! Good idea=)

Jemae profile pic Alumni



nice illustrations. But wouldn't wear it tho

tomburns profile pic Alumni

great drawing, 5 for that!


it isnt messed up at all. . .

they're different breeds. . .



love it! I kinda wish there was a different punchline. Love the dogs, not too crazy about wolf. Great drawing tho!! $4

See Spot Design

Love the illustration. Maybe you should have went with a different approach though like "Groupie Dogs" or "Stalkers". Because I don't feel we've "messed up" the canine species. It's just Dogolution! $5


Great idea, but I would like it more if the wolf looked, well, more like a wolf. (The dogs look great.) Speaking as someone who owned a german shepard/wolf hybrid that was more wolf than dog, your illustration of the wolf just isn't so much. :/ Submit again with a ref for the wolf? 4 for now, regardless.


Amazing job with the illustration!

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Alumni
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It's great for the first sub.
good drawing


oh oh! i love you! great for your first sub, love the idea. man there are so many good subs right now! $5.

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

nice ilustration!!!! keep it up!! :D


i completely agree with your idea and meaning. it's so weird to think that all of these breeds are of the same species... nice illustration, though i do feel like i recognize them from disney movies... i'm not sure if that is intentional. i'm also not sure why the wolf looks so cranky. it wasn't his idea to breed dogs into dramatic extremes. just thoughts. feel free to ignore :)


love the illo. wolf could be wolfier, as said. but great.

what i think is sad is that purebreeding dogs for show and/or accessories can almost guarruntee -can't spell that for some reason- genetic difficulties that are often painful/horrible for the dog.

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