At Peace Within

Design by Afromation

At Peace Within by Afromation on Threadless
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Afromation profile pic Artist

Thanks I don't always create artwork so thet it meets standards I go with what I feel .

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

it's nice artwork but i don't feel it works as a t-design either


Please tell me you aint canvases or buildings or something. this design belongs on something more than a t. love he design $5


wow! Gorgeous piece!

Afromation profile pic Artist

Thanks Anuska and EDG I know my designs will never get printed because I can't meet the taste of the audience of Threadless, which is fine as long as I do work that is up to standards and that I can be proud to say I did that is cool by me.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

You traditional style overwhelms your art when put on a shirt I think. I have seen some Illustrators here being rallied for a print that I think you can outdo if you can just figure out how to make your works transit into shirt material. Lots of factors to consider like idea (for some, their style carries the lack of subject), flow (one example of a good flow would be your scarecrow sub), composition, etc etc.

If you're submitting just to provide yourself an outlet for your expression, you're definitely in the right direction. Keep doing what you do. But if your objective is to penetrate this media, I say take your time in each sub and think of suitable subjects that would best fit your style. Goodluck on your future subs Afromation.


The art is goregous, really. I personally am nto crazy about what the subject is. But it's still a beautiful piece.

Afromation profile pic Artist

Thanks roadkill3d on the advice I think overall I am just going to take some time away from submitting, my work is not suited for the audience on this site. I will never be able to meet the standards of threadless no matter how I approach my art rather concept, composition ,perspective,anatomy all the fundenmentals that makes up a good piece of work.

Afromation profile pic Artist

The more I try the more frustrated I get so to not get upset I going to stop.


maybe less rock? i like it tho. very gd

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