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At At Boo Boo by DaveHorowitz on Threadless
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Pretty funny... but I think it would be better if you wrapped a leg a bit or something... make an obvious "boo boo" so it's more obvious why the collar is there. With the color, it almost looks like a baby's bonnet otherwise.

... and please, another shirt color option! A light gray?


great idea, btu the walker needs not be grey not red, and i agreee with semanti, it needs a reason for the collar.

still funny as hell though! ;)


i meant "needs to be grey not red"


now that's awesome. it's a relief to finally see a good shirt again

gummi profile pic Alumni

hahaa. that´s funny :)


Hahhahaha, I can't stop laughing. That's fantastic.


GREAT SHIRT!!! I agree with a bandage on the leg and different colors. I'd say grey AT-AT on a white shirt.
Very Funny!


Actually, animals wear those things to prevent any self-injury that scratching might cause. It has nothing to do with being in an accident.

Now that that's cleared up, I don't think you need a bandage at all. But I do agree that a grey walker would be better.
Hillarious! $5




sorry to burst the bubble, but there's a few too many colours in there

I count four.

And I stand with a bandage... or change the color of the collar. It makes it look like a baby this way.


AWESOME - 5 and I'd buy it. Friend would too.


I like the red. I wouldn't buy it in grey.
I also love the light blue dog cone.
Oh, crap. There ARE five colours (darker red in the face and back leg.) Am I seeing it wrong?
Just the way it is, I would buy it.


please print this one!


hilariously kickass. great joerb!



Über-cute. so awesome! Funniest thing in the world is when a dog has a cone on its head. love star wars and love dogs with cones. this one's a winner. my only request is you change Imperial Walker to something other than red, and the cone to something other than blue >_<


Ash Sammy, I don't see any resemblance to that Bionic-Systems did. Big deal, they both used a Walker... so what? The drawing is completely original and the walker in your reference doesn't have a dog cone on it's head.


Wonderful! This made my day. When can I buy it?


PRINT!! it plz :D


Why is this shirt not printed yet?

Trademark probs or too much StarWars stuff?
Just look at the Score. Every StarWars fan would buy it i think and people who had no affinity to the whole StarWars stuff scored a zero.

So i beg u in the name off all fans: PRINT IT! :D


I try not to portray my nerdiness but I would definatly buy and wear this. No matter what changes.


begs x 1000


Laugh out loud funny!


still would buy this!


Such a high score! Why not print it???

Teleute printed 100 of these with the designer's permission I assume as he posted about Go Ape 7 posts up.

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