Astronaut Blues

Design by cjgammon

Astronaut Blues by cjgammon on Threadless
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cjgammon profile pic Artist

2 color belt print. comic strip wraps around waist of shirt.

Resistance profile pic Alumni

very cool story told here :)


love the placement, really cool idea 5$!


like the unique placement for a comic strip


Cool idea! I'll second the bit about the astronaut suit texture, and the placement is great and unique albeit a little bit impractical (the aforementioned "ass reading") but all in all, interesting idea. :)

Pakpandir profile pic Alumni

hmm.. i like your illustration. cool idea as well. I'm kinda liking the whole pointing upwards thing. If you had that through all your frames then the last part he does a different hand expression that might strengthen your concept.


I'm definitely intrigued by the composition here. Totally different.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

I don't like the placement. It starts reading from the back, which is very confusing.

a 3 by 2, or 2 by 3 composition with the punchline at the bottom would be much more attractive.

cjgammon profile pic Artist

thanks for the comments! i realize the placement is controversial, but i thought that was part of the fun of the design. the astronaut draws you in and then you want to learn the whole story.

ilya yas

i like this alot... :) the story is very well expressed..

Ideas Galore

this is just wonderful and so sweet. I'd absolutely buy it. I prefer the placement of the astronaut on the front of the shirt, though.


Oh, clever design.

cjgammon profile pic Artist

thanks for all the positive feedback!

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