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ladrones profile pic Artist

so ive been talking about doing kinds of work like this with a lot of you guys.

the times we were hanging out together, talking about what our art means, and what we can do with it. Whats the point of all this. get in the ny times? get famous and get a solo show?

i was talking to mr. domino and ellsewhere a bunch about waht we can do as artist to try and do something with our graphic design. Use this idea of cool and aestheticism that we've all learned to use in our prefessional lives and apply it to something important in our lives.

for me the issue is media reform.
i feel like we need to take back our country. our culture. stop media consolidation. every year the restrictions on media consolidation are loosened to benifit corporations.

yo 20 somethings
think about how stupid everything has become just in our short lifetimes. think about when you were 10 and how much better tv was. on childrens networks we had ren and stimpy and the adventures of pete and pete. on mtv we had nirvana and the pixies.

this character is the personification of my fear of my country, and where its headed.

if there are more passionate graphic designers out there, i wanna encourage you to use your "cool" for something important, and dont be tempted by the dark side of cool.
(i.e. axe body spray etc)

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

you win


steven218 profile pic Alumni

i like the dark side of cool. it sounds evil.

5$ though!


This great work $5

BaronVonMonkey profile pic Alumni

This rocks, and i like the way you think

tesco profile pic Alumni

great use of black and white. and the halftones actually look good, which is rare. 5


Both of these are fantastic, Josh.


great illo, great explanation, couldnt agree more. 5.

I heart ren and stimpy.

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Oh ok, there were two versions. Well I prefer this one. Rad. $5

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

This is awesome. The concept and everything. I can't believe you only used one color!


Dick Firestorm
Dick Firestorm profile pic Alumni


ladrones profile pic Artist

katiececambell-- wow that guys an asshole, now he's getting famous for covering up stuff. he's getting attention for it, and i bet he loves it.

-dickfirestorm-thanks dick

valor- god bless you ever one of you


I know exactly what you mean. I'm not in Graphic Design, I'm actually a painter, but I've always loved messing around with computer art and graphics. But, I've been struggling with a lot of the same idea in my painting. I don't know if it'll change once I'm out of school, but for now I'm struggling with wanting to make a living with my art, but not wanting to become a total sell out. I feel liie so much of art world success is based on the novelty or shock value, like that dunce who's making portraits out of french fries and catchup. What the hell? The only reason anybody even cares is because it's novel. Once the novelty wears off and the french fries all rot it doesn't mean anything anymore. And this is the kind of junk that is selling, it doesn't feel like there's any room for anything real anymore. And the social stigma that comes with being an artist really pisses me off.

So, rock on, even if it wasn't a terrific design, which it definitely is, I would give you a $5.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Love that thought police-trooper guy $5

NomadSlim profile pic Alumni

I like the main illustration for sure. But I'd really love the 'thought police' logo on a shirt by itself.


great looking character and the smoky background adds to the mood

I wish you illustrated the motorcycle like you did the car in
your mr brown design that was printed.

Johnny Baboon
Johnny Baboon profile pic Alumni

sweet, this is awesome

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

wonderful work, wonderful message

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I understand what you're going for with the twin designs, but I'd prefer this without the shoulder print. Great stuff though. You're on form Josh!

Woss profile pic Alumni


kennybanzai profile pic Alumni

nice! I agree with your ideas.


both are great... but my preference would be for this one... nice message, but why limit it to just 20 somethings... change needs to come from across the board.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni


hogboy profile pic Alumni

wicked... no shoulder print for me but nonetheless a sweet design.

ladrones profile pic Artist

no YOU

ladrones profile pic Artist

thanks satan!

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