Asian Girl

Design by G-NOVA

Asian Girl



bukkake attackke


yeah, yeah, yeah, great artistry here and good design sense and all that, but if i see one more submission with and asian (or otherwise) girl looking off into the distance with a bunch of streamy/drippy/flowy stuff all around (including butterflies, trees, flowers etc.), i'm gonna pull my hair out. Hears and robots and ipods always get a bad wrap for being common submission themes, but seriously, this is like the millionth girl+flowy stuff submission. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. You're clearly a talented artist, i'd just like to see something new.


i agree with norman but theress sumthn about this one that i like $5

Ava Adore

nice, love the colour choice


i think it's a great design, my concern lies in the fact that it relies on a stereotype of people of asian descent being obsessed with import cars and racing culture, take the car out and it's a strong design even if it is similiar to many past designs.


"yeah norman, there are a lot of re-used subjects...but it's going to happen, no way to get away. deal"

of course there will always be reoccuring submission themes - i'm just trying to raise awareness for this particular theme who's reoccurance has been ignored due to vast amounts of attention being placed on heart, robot, and ipod themes being so popular. girls and flowy stuff are the true evils, not hearts and robots.

Perudoesitbetterthanu profile pic Alumni

i saw this on lafraise...i gave it a 10 it a 5 here..awesome.

G-NOVA profile pic Artist

thank you with you all


I'd really love this if it didn't have the white splatters.


very nice!

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