Asian Bird Flu - Symptoms Worsening

Design by squee

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i love this.. and hankerchiefs would be awesome


five stars: I think this looks great, although I am completely delirious with fever


i like current event shirts coz shirts can also be informative and voice an opinion that others need to hear....blah blah.....this idea would be cool with a chicken or birds on a telephone wire blowing their nose.....but the doodle shirt killed the whole chicken option.....maybe not, just leave this alone and do more current event stuff coz it's more meaningful than fuckin circles and diagonal lines....although diagonal lines are becoming extinct


I really don't have any idea what's going on in this pic.


in case anyone cares, the bird flu is one aspect of the future depopulation plan in effect....they've had the cure for cancer for years and AIDS was developed in a lab but who cares, let's get back to the shirts.........

squee profile pic Artist

Feeling a little paranoid there Saddam? When I print this shirt I'll make sure I rub in a pinch of anthrax. Just doing my bit for depopulation.

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