Artists are so sketchy.

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Artists are so sketchy. by harpo25 on Threadless
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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yeah...make the letters waaay more sketchish and perhaps put a bunch of little goofy characters and etc. around the design to give it that randomness that sketchpads in the middle of statistics class encompass.


You spent all that time actually drawing that? :/


I like it a lot! $5


love the font!


This is cool, but I don't think the style you've chosen works very well the idea of what most people consider "sketchiness"...

Actually, oh, oh, icebar, is there any chance I could have a go at illustrating this one? I understand if you and harpo are working exclusively together, but no harm in asking, right?

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Shithouse score, I actually exclaimed 'fuck off' at the screen when I saw it. It deserved way better.

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