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kidderliverpool profile pic Artist

The text on the design reads:

Artistic License
This license gives the holder the right to:-

- Speak with a French accent
- Drink copious amounts of absinthe
- Sell the cat for canvas
- Gain free entry to the Louvre, Guggenheim & St.Petersburg galleries
- Wear a beret in public without fear of mockery

kidderliverpool profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments, on the full size version you can read the text.


Aw that shit is so funny, and i love t he font great job!


the fonts hard to read, yea... but itll be easier when it bigger on a shirt... i dig... 5.


Yeah. The font is hard to read. But I really do like it, and I suppose I'll take your word that it's read-able on the larger version and 5-it.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

hahaha "sell the 'cat' "
so much funnier if it's a girl wearing this shirt.


LOL, drinking a lot of absinthe. Rock on.

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