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Luke... profile pic Alumni

i like it...we had much the same concept for our submissions...
the extreme colors are taking away attention from the detail...
on a note of personal artistic preference:
i feel that the design would be better if the dna-strand[and a few other elements] were at a downward 45degree angle rather than perpendicular to the rest of the would feel like everthing is coming out of his wrist more...
but great design...i like it


Maybe it's different on the shirt, but the close-up looks like a scan of a fifth-generation analog photocopy.
I also don't really buy the explanation as to why it's suitable for this contest, but submitting for a contest is your perogative.
I like the pink-on-baby-blue, but for some reason the denim-on-magenta doesn't work.

spencer fruhling
spencer fruhling profile pic Artist

Like it was actually done in illustrator first, and the sketchyness was added on purpose. It was too clean and stale. The different elements weren't meshing. But whatever.


This shirt is crazy cool, and so intricate while still being graphic. Nice work on the sketchy/computery imagery.

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