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I'd buy it in any color other than that blue.


I like how the robot is clean outside the frame, but "drawn" inside. I think that's something you could have emphasised a lot more--vary the line thickness as well as the quality, changed the color, etc. Right now it took me a second look to "get" it, and lots of voters aren't going to give it that second look.

A couple tips: Use the background color. Right now you've got it "showing through" in a couple places, and that's good. But the blue has nothing to do with the design---in fact, it makes the colors look weirdly harsh. There are other colors you could use that would go with the other colors a bit more (and allow you to put more detail into the drawing). A tan or khaki color would let you put texture on the easal, for instance.

Also (and this might just be my preference, but here it stands), don't use black! Right now, the only thing the black is doing is serving as an outline. This function can be performed by any color--A darker red, a lighter red, a darker brown. That gives you another color to use somewhere else, as well.

And don't be afraid to use colors in not-quite normal ways, especially if that means you'll be able to do more with the picture. The backround of the painting could just as easily feature yellow, pink, or orange buildings--and one of those colors would give you an option to add highlights to the robot's helmet and body.

Finally (and this has nothing to do with color tips), your easel is falling over. And I can't for the life of me figure out the right way to spell easel because nothing I type looks right. Oh, well.

.onion profile pic Alumni

neat, but the easel DOES look a bit awkward, and i can't tell if he's painting on himself or if he's painting over a painting of himself o_O;

and change the tee color please.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

WHY OH WHY most of the robot designs here are based on the IRON GIANT???? can't you think of some other things, people? try:

mecha robot
voltes v
mazinger z
ninja robot


kaloyster profile pic Alumni

thou art forgiven.


I like his roboboobs... jk ;) This is great! Art and robots... what more could you want out of life?

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