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tomburns profile pic Artist

kayceeface, defacing a sign is getting away with something.


i thought you couldn't have more then 4 colors in a print

tomburns profile pic Artist

there are only 4
white black blue yellow on red - white black red yellow on blue


oh, haha, i stand corrected


nice draw!


if you use a quote, especially a famous one like that, you should pay a little homage.
my apologies if i didn't see it

tomburns profile pic Artist

its a street sign that someone actually painted to look like a street sign, but replaced with a phrase that depicts the exact meaning of what it's intent is.
if that isn't defaced, rebellious AND art, nothing is.
I guess i could have written it like it was just some skater kid's tag mark, or just made it look like some warhol painting, but to me, that is not at all creative.
to me, that's the first thing that comes to mind.
to me, the first thing that comes to mind is not art in the least, but instead very common and trite at best.
thanks for all the input though, i may just think too much.

mezo profile pic Alumni

If the sign is "defaced" wouldn't it make more sense if you used, say, a Basquiat quote instead?

Aside from unimportant details....the overall design doesn't do anything for me. It is well drawn, and very clean. It seems too primary due to the ink colors used and the 'birds flying in sky' background.

Many people see street signs practically every day of their lives- and face it- they are not that interesting in person. Shirts designed with street signage should probably blow the viewer's mind. You know?

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