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Art Never Dies

Design by Chill421

Art Never Dies by Chill421 on Threadless
2.64 Avg Score
1011 Votes
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  • 2.64 Avg Score
  • 1011 scores
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Nice texture!
Chill421 profile pic Artist
Thank Ye kindly!
done my friend! :)
Chill421 profile pic Artist
Thanks! .. I'd like to think its nothing if not unique. lol
Haha I think our submissions would totally be friends. Nice work!
Texture! I feel like this could have a vintage tagline, relating to bearded skulls, and legacies.
Chill421 profile pic Artist
Thanks! Maybe I should've found a way to include the word skull in the title on here, so people who searched for them, would've found this. I wonder if putting the words here will help with searches? Skull #Skulls And for those who dont know me, Here's an album of my work. Check it out, Send me a message. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4437767596.281.507847596&type=1&l=8b3bd322af
Chill421 profile pic Artist
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Chill421 profile pic Artist
Thank You, Very Much. Ive been really encouraged by the support my submission is getting, And Its really exciting, and much appreciated.
Really great Chris! You're a fine artist, with exceptional talent.
Neato! I am liking the one on the bluish grey shirt - one of the far left (I just like the "cool" colours it has, gives it a nice feel). Good luck!
Nice technique. Like how your lining make the art looks paper-ish. Good work. I can't wait to see your other pieces.
Chill421 profile pic Artist
Thank You DBranes, 38Sunsets. I cant decide if Im supposed to act professional, like I expected to be so well recieved; Or if I can allow my amazement to shine through, over the postive responses, number of Facebook 'likes', etc that Ive received with 9 days to go. And Anyone who finds this, if you like my drawing/submission, after voting, I humbly ask you to 'like' via FB, Tweet the link, and/or share my work, with anyone and everyone! Thank You All.
Wonderful work as always! I can't wait to see where you go from here. You're the best!
Chill421 profile pic Artist
Its kinda awesome that actress/artist @Fairuza Balk tweeted my design submission and comedian/host @MarcMaron 'Favorited' it! Even if I didnt get many votes fr it as I can tell. Still awesome. ... Fairuza Balk was perfect as her character in 'The Waterboy'. "Hope Ya like whad I did to'ya' ole lawn-mowah!"
Chill421 profile pic Artist
and if anyone was wondering, the drawing itself is hand drawn, pen/ink on cardstock. I just noticed someone's 'paper-ish' comments, and I wasnt sure what he really meant. so I just wanted to clarify what it is. :) Have a good day and g'luck to everyone else on their submissions!
great work :)
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