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I was pondering in the studio one day admiring the clean graphic look of a tin of Ronsonol, a popular brand of lighter fluid/cleaner/incendiery material, & it came to me as being ripe for a humourous pastiche, aka 'Arsonol', the descerning urbanite shite's flammable fuel of choice.

Large version here:

Thank you & god bless.


I like this shirt alot -- the only qualm I have is the structure of the product usage blurb (excuse me, I am a real grammar nerd). I think it would read better if it were written as: ideal for all petrol lighters, molotov cocktails for urban unrest, napalm to quell civil disobedience, and pyromanics. I'd actually take out the reference to napalm because it's not something you could whip up at home.

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Re: Theglowisgone,
Sir, the inclusion of 'without resorting to physical violence', depends on which dictionary source you use, I prefer to reference the Oxford English Dictionary and their definition:

'the refusal to comply with certain laws or to pay taxes, as a political protest.'

I also refer to the Poll Tax riots that occured in London in 1990, they were a major act of 'civil disobedience' but there was rioting, looting, stoning, police brutality & arson, acts of physical violence you might say.... & it is not misspelt, 'Arsonol' is most definately not 'Arsenal'. Sir, you are an idiot.

Polyester Jones however, is an astute individual with excellent filmic knowledge & has spotted the Withnail & I reference. A slap on the back for young Jones.


Sorry, Webbins, I agree with theglowisgone. Violent uprising is exactly that, as opposed to civil disobediance, which I believe most people think of as chaining oneself to a polluting factory and whatnot, taking pride in the principle of non-violence.

I'm convinced that there are lots of people who would see the above ideology as morally sound, and at the same tim see that to use violence against a democratically elected government as out of the question.

I would say that the events in 1990 combined these to types of protest.

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Very nice indeed!!


why?? the yellow is perfest for it!
5$ neighbor ( my design next to yours =] )

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