Area 69

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Area 69 by Jebs on Threadless
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I imagine that would sell great anywhere that a "Girls Gone Wild" DVD is being filmed.

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it seems that it will be a controversial design? well, it's just for fun, remember ;-) thanks everybody


I like the spaceship!

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well, i'm surprised, but why is it a chocking artwork? thanks for comments anyway!


Great idea. Sillouettes in the ship, with maybe some rocking motion lines, an baseball cap hanging on the ship door, etc. might take the overt edge off it. 4 with a potential $5 for the concept


I don't wear 69 on my shirts

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ok for the bottom text....But you know we can't send new versions to threadless while they are already

Jebs profile pic Artist

Thanks for your comments everybody. First, i'm french, so, the wrong grammar is not a problem, i still can fix it, and as i said, my english is rusty... cafecalavera> thanks for your advices, i agree with you...but you know in genreal, people tell me that they don't understand when i try to be i've chosen here to "over explain"...perhpas it's a mistake, the problem is: we can't satisfy everybody, every single person. If i did put only the Area 69, i know that a lots of people would have told me: it's not explicited! (like my alien ship artwork i did a few days ago). Thanks anyway!


mdr ! un 69 n'est pas bon pr la reproduction (comme ma "photo"), mais c'est bon tout court ! Et comme ce visu ;)

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